1/3 Scale MacBook Air

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2011/06/08 22:56 JST in Dollfie

Been thinking how to deal with the work load of late and was in a spot of bother until I saw these photos posted over at Figure.fm by AS_Asuka who kindly let me share these photos here and on Flickr.

These 1/3 scale MacBook Air's are just the thing to enable my girls to also help out with the business. Now all I need to do is to get hold of some and train the girls up with Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator and Final Cut Pro.

AS_Asuka got them from a zakka shop in Hong Kong but Dollfieworld has a few in stock including 1/3 scale iPads for the girl who hates keyboards.
What with the 1/3 scale Canon EOS 5D, looks like the girls can start their own photo blog.

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