300 USD Giveaway

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2010/12/13 12:23 JST in Japan

Update! As a way to thank everyone for their interesting feedback and to wish everybody a Merry Christmas, JList would like to award the $100 to 3 people rather than just 1! Now you have 3 times the chance of being chosen which will be a random process. The deadline will now be extended to this time next week.
Remember this is 3 x 100 USD and not 1 X 300 USD! Arms Installation is complete - Good Luck!

When I was back in the UK waiting for the Internets to be invented, all I could do to get my grubby mitts on Japanese goodies was to go to the Japan Center in Piccadilly or actually go to Japan. Now we have websites like JList where we can just click and wait a few days before goodies arrive at the doorstep.

JList have recently upgraded their website with a gorgeous web 3.0 interface that makes it a pleasure to browse around even if you are not looking for anything to buy.

Choose 100 USD worth of goodies for yourself

Over here we have Aoi-chan looking for a Christmas prezzie for you worth up to 100 USD. But I told her that she should let you choose instead.
Get along to http://www.jlist.com/ and choose *anything* worth up to 100 USD. Aoi-chan will choose a winner at random and JList will send you your goodies.
-You can choose something worth over 100 USD but you pay the difference.
-100 USD does not include shipping so go ahead and choose something up to 100 USD!
-You have to choose something that's in stock now.
-You should tell us why you chose the items.

Foe example you would stick in the comments:-

Monster Hunter Guild Crest Stereo Headphone $45.00
Want to use this when mastering the soundtrack for Culture Japan

Moe Moe Lingerie Encyclopedia ~ Moe Moe Lingerie Zukan $26.50
Need inspiration when designing Mirai's winter clothes.

2011 Calendar -- Sora no Otoshimono $28.00
Because everyday is an oppai day.

-The above amounts to 99.50 so I don't need to pay anything on top.
-In the above case I don't get a credit for 50 cents for a future purchase.
-I must order everything at once.
-If you are ordering anything from their Adult Corner and customs keep everything for their own personal use then neither I, JList or Aoi-chan can do anything about that.

5 USD store credit for every 100 USD you spend (not inc shipping)

Now for folks who are not feeling so lucky, you can still take advantage of the "5 USD off any purchase over 100 USD (not inc shipping)" by using the coupon "DANNYOPPAIJLIST" - just shop as normal and use that code when checking out at JList.
This promo code works for anything and not just JList's oppai products. Hmmm. Nice mouse pad.

You got until sometime this time next week before Aoi-chan picks a winner which will be announced on my Twitter. Go choose your goodies!