3D Printer

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2010/12/29 15:16 JST in Mascot

figma Mirai Suenaga comes with a laptop which I've been told is a Windows machine with 64GB worth of memory. Folks who want to run OSX on it need to use an emulator.
Was speaking to the 3D Engineer at Good Smile who gave me these printouts from their 3D printer which are just incredible - it even manages to print out the keyboard! The 3D printers I've seen so far usually print objects which have rough surfaces which you have to sand down but these are sooo smooth!

Making figures and their accessories involves making a master sculpt which has been traditionally done by hand using poly putty or other resins which can be molded. The master sculpt is called a "Decoration Master" or "Decomas." Some companies also call them a "Test Shot" too.

The Master is then used to make the molds which are needed for mass production. Up until now, 3D printing technology in the figure world has been used mainly for accessories but recently Good Smile announced that they came up with a Decoration Master made entirely in 3D.

This is the new 3D printer that Good Smile Company use which has been upgraded from their previous version - as you can see the surfaces on that printout would need a lot of sanding.

This machine is made by Digital Wax Systems. Its a laser based printer where the technology has been used exclusively in the jewelry industry.
There is a tray in the machine which holds liquid resin. A laser then plots out the shape of the object in the resin and when the printing is complete, a small platform lifts up from the liquid resin with the printed objects hanging from stalactite type objects that you saw attached to the laptop.
The remaining liquid resin can be used for further printing of objects.
Good Smile's DWS printer has had special modifications so that they can print large objects.
A half litre bottle of resign however costs over 100000 yen @.@

What would you print if you had one of these?

And this is figma Mirai with her laptop which she uses to update her blog.