AFA Dinner

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2009/11/23 10:25 JST in Anime

Posting this before my AFA Day 2 coverage as I know some comrades from last nights post AFA dinner want these photos as soon as possible ^^;
Together here with the AFA team, the Moe Moe Kyun maid cafe girls, Kaname, May'n (check her blog for her post on the dinner), Yoshiki Fukuyama (King Gainer/Macross 7) and special OPs team NKDS and Bonkurasu.

This is the best bit of my job - getting to meet great folks who enrich ones life with friendship and new opportunities. Its been just an incredible roller coaster week. Came with over 400 personal/business cards and they are all gone! I really underestimated the huge power of the Anime Festival Asia - a pack of 1000 for AFA 2010? ^^; Looks like I will be doing the business card reply and meeting up with new folks for a few days when I get back to Tokyo.

Got to meet with May'ns dancers who have an online business and also teach dance lessons too! They already taught me techniques like giving names to dance moves like the "popcorn" which I do all the time - had no idea that dance moves had names. They also went through how to visualize the joints in the body to be able to get those robot popping moves out. Will be getting together to finally take those lessons instead of terrorizing citizens with my attempts to dance.

Spent time with Kaname too and he will be coming to the next Tokyo CGM Night.

Took a ride back with Commander Shawn and singer Yoshiki Fukuyama back to the hotel and talked about how I learned some of my Japanese by listening to his Macross 7 tunes - it was just awesome listening to him sing at the I Love Anisong concert.

My last day in Singapore where I got lunch and dinner meetings scheduled (I'm late again ToT) so will let the photos do the speaking again. Next post will be AFA Day 2.