AFAID2013 - Content Lineup

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2013/09/05 08:32 JST in Anime Events

Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013 starts tomorrow ^o^ This post outlines the sort of content that you can expect.

First up is the exhibition hall - two floors filled with goodies. Its like a small city ^^
Take note of where the Culture Japan booth is on the map. After you go through the Entrance then just head straight.

Good Smile Company will be there too selling the Wonfes Exclusives. They sold out in a jiffy at Culture Japan Con and will probably do so at AFAID.

AFA gets all the good stuff! Gunpla kits first at AFAID.

And here are the goodies at the Mirai Mie Bakso booth. Check out the full list here.
Limited quantities only though ><

Learning Japanese? We brought in Moekanji for you which is also available at our booth.

And here is the exhibitor list.

After walking around the hall you are going to feel peckish - just stop by the cafe and be served by some spiffing young lads and some cute sweeties!

Like Anisong? AFAID has you covered with a star lineup.

My Slot is this Sunday at 4PM. I'll be in stage doing MC for guests like Aya Hirano and more though. Other than that I should be at our booth.

More guests including Kaname!