Amaha Miu Dollfie

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2010/08/30 14:43 JST in Dollfie

The recently released Amaha Miu Dollfie appeared on the doorstep the other day - thanks to Dollfie World for sending her over! They sent her out on a Monday from Hong Kong and she arrived a couple of days later on Thursday - speedy service @.@
Dollfie World still have one left if you are interested.

This is what Miu-chan looks like after a change of wig and clothes. She's originally from an eroge called Mashiro Iro Symphony - more 2D pics of her at Moe Imouto including a very smexy dakimakura cover. Om nom nom?
PV for the game below with a very catchy tune.

Still trying to figure out what those white marks are on the box - reminds me of crop circles.

There is no plastic padding in the box so it can be folded up and easily stored.

Had no idea that Miu was a Dollfie Dynamite. But after seeing her the eroge it starts to makes sense ^^; Speaking of Dynamite, which DD body do you prefer? I would love one that's between DD and DDy.

And how about bust size? I used to prefer L size but taking a liking to M size of late ^^;

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This Poll is now expired

Dollfies come with a booklet on how to maintain your girl and a single print of the character.

Default wig which I thought looked OK but then decided to use another. At the moment Aoi-chan is the only girl who uses the default wig.
Do your girls prefer default or custom when it comes to wigs? If you prefer custom then do you keep or sell the original?

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When it comes to the original garments however, none of my girls wear them. I'm not keen on the way dark colored clothes are included when they are only going to color transfer onto the body - then there is a note that comes with the doll saying "color transfer is not a defect."

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Lovely uniform but looks odd without the inner dark shirt - but didn't bother to try it on as dark colors can color transfer in as short as 5 mins!
If you are new to the doll world then don't leave dark colored clothes on your girls. You could get some body tights if you do want them to wear dark though.

If you do get color transfer stains on your girls then you could do what I do and use some left over paint thinner from making Gunpla.

Actually she looks better without the inner shirt ^^;

Wig was second hand - about 500 yen (?) from one of the doll shows. Eyes are default and clothes by Puppy Dolls who are currently auctioning some of their products.

Many doll owners have a habit of being on the look out for more daughters. What I notice is that they also end up customizing their girl which leads me to guess that many don't really care about which character the doll is supposed to be as they usually don't look anything like their anime or game counterpart.
Having a cute face is probably the main criteria for deciding upon adoption - would this be the case for you? If so then I'm guessing that you would probably prefer to pay less than having to fork out extra for a wig and dress that you are not going to use. Also, because most Dollfies are licensed characters, you are also paying for that license fee that the manufacturer has to pay to the copyright holder.

Dollfies are not the easiest doll to get hold of. How are you getting hold of yours - online, locally or through a proxy service?

Wasn't too sure about the face sculpt of Miu-chan until I saw photos by actual parents. The official stock photos dont seem to do them justice. Initially felt the same particularly about Nia but now want her bad especially after seeing Aquabeat's girl!

OK that's enough interrogation for today ^^;

Miu-chan was feeling rather hungry after being in hibernation for a while.