AmiAmi Offices

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2009/09/12 18:30 JST in Figures

The first photo is of their mascot character Amiko who walks around the corridors of their headquarters.

Rewinding back in time a few hours - arrival at Myogadani station.

On the roof of the Amiami offices after our meeting. Results of the meeting will be announced soon ^^;

Here they grow their own cucumbers, tomatoes and spare limbs.

And in this corner of the roof, they have beers n snacks.

In the canteen area filled with mags, figures and exercise equipment.

Figures are to be found in bunches around the offices.

In the main office area.

AmiAmi also sell a ton load of Gundam goodies too.

Web Development team.

AmiAmi are also making their own figures too and are currently in the middle of making Yoshika and Charlotte from Strike Witches.

Fresh unpainted samples from the mainland.

This is where they do their figure photo shoots. Where possible, AmiAmi replace manufacturer stock photos with their own.

Another mound of figures.

And then its off for lunch at a local Spanish buffet place.


With some of the AmiAmi team.
Have not bought figures for quite some time now but when I did, I used to get my booty mainly from Amazon and at times from Hobby Stock and AmiAmi.
Where do you currently get your figures from? Are there retailers in your neck of the woods where you can get figures off the shelf? Or do you order online most of the time? Do you order from the same store all the time and if not is that because of price/availability?

Also interested how your fave store handles cancellations. At Amazon, you can cancel any order before its sent. If you decide you don't want the goods after receiving it, you can send it back but you pay for shipping.