Animation Asia Conference

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2009/10/10 18:20 JST in Anime

Held in conjunction with Anime Festival Asia 2009 (AFA09), the one-day business conference aims to nurture a regional IP ecosystem by tapping on the expertise of the renowned speakers and talents from Japan and the region.

Titled ‘Globalization of Asia's Soft Power', this year’s conference is focused on three themes: Create, Manage and Engage. Speakers will share their expertise on how they have created content that have mass universal appeal and will share their experience on how their content have successfully engaged the 21st Century’s digitally connected youths. The conference will target marketers and advertisers seeking new ways to work with popular culture content to launch successful branding or marketing campaigns.
The line up of speakers are as follows.

  • Tsuguhiko Kadokawa, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Kadokawa Group Holdings
  • Mamoru Hosada, Director of anime blockbuster hits ‘Summer Wars’ and ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’
  • Danny Choo, Chief Executive Officer of Mirai Inc. and Professional Toilet Cleaner and part time English blogger on Japanese popular culture
  • Edmund Shern, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Storm Lion and Senior Vice President at Radical Publishing
  • Shiro Sasaki, Chief Executive Officer, Flying Dog Inc. and Producer for many Anime Music Blockbusters
  • Kotaro Sugiyama, Senior Vice President and Head of Solution (Strategy) / Creative Department for Dentsu Inc.

Folks who are interested in attending can researve their seats.

Also, more great news for those who are going to attend the Anime Festival Asia - you will also get to see Hatsune Miku and the K-ON! seiyuu as they will be heading over to Singapore too!
Looks like I'm scheduled to be the MC for the K-ON! girls ^^;;;

Mentioned before but we are trying to build a replica of my office at the AFA. I cant bring Saber, Aoi, Nanoha, Ryomo or Karin with me so if there are any SG Dollfie parents who are willing to have their daughter guard my desk then give us a shout ^^;

I'm also bringing Good Smile and Kotobukiya with me. GSC will bring some Decoration Masters including Figma Mirai and Kotobukiya will bring some OTACOOL related stuff.

This time I would like to have a get together - maybe we'll have some grub at the Moe Moe Kyun cafe at the AFA?

First photo was taken by Steve Nagata I think at the Tokyo Figure Show - wonder if hes coming to Singapore too.

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