Anime Expo 2014 Merchandise

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Anime Expo (AX) - one of the world largest and longest running anime conventions is back for yet another year of anime, anime and more anime!
AX takes place this year at the LA Convention Center from 3 - 6 July.

I will be there with my team but before we look at the goodies at our booth, take note of my panel times - it would be great to see you there!

My panel Sat 5th 9 - 12 Main Events Hall
Tourism Panel Sat 5th 6:15 - 8:15 WS1

The schedule for the packed 4 day event lives here.

As usual there are going to be a ton of guests from the anime industry and a load of vendors in the huuuuuuge exhibition hall ready to empty out your wallet.

We are not in the exhibition hall but will be located in the same place as last year - the South Lobby!

Here's a quick overview of what we have available this year for Anime Expo. It's been a long and exciting year and almost everything we're bringing this year are completely new designs. Folks going to Anime Expo will be first to get them.
Prices are all in USD and are tax inclusive.

4 designs of T-shirts will be available, 3 of which are brand new designs.
Prices go down the more you buy. Save up to $12 if you buy 3 shirts at a go.
Why 3?
So that you can take this opportunity to get to know the person in front and behind you in the queue and place your order together so all of you save.

The first design is named "casual" named after the casual wear that Mirai is seen wearing a lot lately.

The second design is "Kimono 2".
We realised many folks who go to Anime Expo love to wear their love for Japanese culture with pride, judging from the popularity of the Hinomaru (Japanese flag) design last year. The "Kimono design was extremely popular in Asia as well, so we thought we would make a shirt that features the best of both worlds.

Next up is the classic "Tora" design that is loved by everyone of all ages.
The Tora T-shirt has been with us since our first event and a Mirai booth without the Tora T-shirt just wouldn't be the same.

The last design is called "Smart".
A full sized print of Mirai in her Smart Doll gear on a white T-shirt which I really like! Illustrated by DMYO-sensei.

Here's a size chart so you know which size to get. The sizes are based on US measurements and I wear the S size cos I like em tight n kinky.

AX will also be the first event we will be taking the second edition of Moekana to.
The brand new and upgraded Moekana Second edition not only helps you learn Japanese hiragana, but katakana as well -- the two basic syllabaries of Japanese. It also comes with brand new illustrations and a game guide too, with 2 recommended games you can play using Moekana to learn Japanese at the same time.

$17 a pack.
You can also get it with Moekanji as well for a combined discounted price of $37.

J-List and Kinokuniya will also be selling it.

Moekanji is the follow up to Moekana - a pack of 87 fully illustrated color cards that help you learn first grade Japanese kanji.

Available at $26 a pack, as well as a combined discounted price of $37 if you buy it with a pack of Moekana.

Deck cases to protect your brand new Moekana and Moekanji - just $10 each or $8 each if you buy 2 or more.
There are other ways you can use the cases - here are some examples.

We also have an all new selection of 7 different posters filled with cute girls. Only $10 a piece, or $25 for 3. A closer look at each of them below.

01: Japan Traveller
Filled with the most iconic landmarks of Japan. Put it on your wall for encouragement to visit every single one of them!

02: Japan Map
The same landmarks we see in the first poster, but in a map view.
Learn a little about Japanese geography along the way too.

03: Mirai Horoscope
This design was first given away as a free micro-fibre towel with the Moekana Second Edition on AmiAmi. Now you can have it at a much, much larger size.

04: Mirai Bikini
Mirai in her cute bikini, illustrated by Iizuki Tasuku-sensei.

05: Mirai Summer
Mirai in her summer uniform, illustrated by DMYO-sensei.

06: Kizuna Bikini
Kizuna in her hypnotising bikini, illustrated by DMYO-sensei.

07: Chitose Lab
Chitose in her lab uniform, illustrated by DMYO-sensei.

If you can't afford any of our stuff then here are the photoshop files for you - only for your personal use please!

We will once again be in the South Lobby just like last year, so be sure to stop by! Here are some renders of what the booth should look like this year.
The Sketchup rendering made the images on it look a bit funky though.

Even if you are not planning to buy anything, you can come by the booth to take a photo with Mirai-chan. We designed the booth in this shape just so people can stand by her sides.

Hmmm, large tower in booth...

Yep! Its for Mirai-chan ^^;
Now that Mirai-chan is finally ready for you to take her home, we will be bringing a (very very limited) platoon of Mirai Suenaga Smart Dolls with us to AX!

The bad news is, because Mirai is a big girl, we can't take too many of her with us, and we need most of the dolls to fill up the tower to brighten up the booth.

The good news is, because it wouldn't make sense to bring her all the way to LA just to take her back to Japan, all the dolls we bring with us for display will be on sale at $50 below the standard retail price. You won't even have to pay for shipping, and can take your favourite girl home right there and then.

How to take Mirai home at AX

  1. Order: When the booth opens on Day 1 of Anime Expo (July 3, 10am), we will begin taking orders for the dolls that we have available with us.
  2. Come Early: The quantity is extremely limited and please come early if you absolutely have to take Mirai home from AX. If you miss the last available doll, don't worry, you will still be able to purchase her from our online store and have her sent to your home.
  3. Pick Her Up: On the last day of AX (July 6, 3pm), we will begin dismantling the booth, and the dolls will be packed (if you wish, you can choose to take her home without packaging either if you prefer). Note that most of the dolls will be put on display with custom apparel, but we will hand them to you in her standard casual wear.
  4. Be There In Person: Please make sure to collect her IN PERSON, or alert us personally that your friend would be picking Mirai up on your behalf. We don't want Mirai to be kidnapped by shady people. Only the people who managed to place the order on Day 1 will be able to take Mirai home.
  5. Make Payment: Payment will be made upon collection. The standard retail price of 58,000JPY will be converted into USD using the rates available on google on the day of collection, with a further $50 USD discount.
  6. Take her home!
  7. Do note that just because they are on display does not mean they are inferior in any way - they will be the same ones we sell

For everyone else, this image can be found free in the centrespread of the AX guide. Be sure to grab a copy and put this up on your wall!

See you next weeeeeek!