Anime Festival Asia

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2009/11/19 11:20 JST in Anime

After landing in Singapore and spending an hour to catch up on mails at the hotel, went with comrades at Sozo, 0ne and Genesis Frontier for some scrumptious hawker center food. Then went to visit the Sozo offices. Sozo are the folks organizing the Anime Festival Asia that is taking place from this Saturday 21st at the Suntec Convention Centre.

The Sozo offices is like an otaku haven - perfect working environment for otaku who want to work with brand names in the anime business.
Here are a bunch of Moe Moe Kyun maid badges. Very cute!

AKB48 girls. Which is your fave. One of em has big eyes.

Bunch O Gundam and Macross kits.

Really cute Haruhi mousepad - thanks Shawn!

Unopened Mugi tea. Not sure if its safe to drink after many months.

Cant remember if I'm allowed to show this or not - if the photo disappears it means that it was some sort of exclusive ^^;

Forgot the name of this girl group. Cool photo.

Another shelf filled with goodies.

Jim's desk. A few of the staff have the new apple mouse. My last Mighty Mouse kicked the bucket. The new mouse any good?

I love this illustration of Mio! Don't you just want to eat her?
Lyana Lim has been here a lot.

HSR International Realtors PTE LTD (as seen on Straits Times)

Karaoke and anime dubbing machine for when the folks need a break while they work through the night.

3 Mizuki Nana screens! Do you have different wallpaper for each of your screens or all the same?
Hmmm. Lots of tissue on the desk...

The Hasbro Transformer figures look quite decent after a custom lick O paint.

Another shelf O fun. Didn't realize how cool Sinanju looked.

Nice view of Saber from down here.

Clannad mouse.

Flyer for the ACC - the B2B conference which I will be speaking at on Friday afternoon - keynote still not finished!

Would 6 oppai be too much for you?

Lovely Pepper illustration book. Think I wold love to publish one of your Mirai/Harua and Kanata fanart.

This guy needs some Dollfies or figures!

Load more goodies to poke about with in this corner.

LOL! ^^;
I always stick a small sticker over the MacBook built in cameras as there is (most probably) a way for hackers to see what you are doing without making the green light come on.
Do you cover up your web cam?

This Poll is now expired

Where is that second season of Claymore gone?

About to take that group photo. Everyone grabs their fave object.

Loads of K-ON! stuff!
I'm due to be MC'ing the K-ON! Seiyuu on stage this weekend at the AFA. If you are coming then see you there!
You can still come along to get tickets on the day. My bit on stage is on Saturday during the afternoon.

First night in Singapore. Its great to be back and look forward to meeting you at the AFA!