Anime Shower Curtain

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2009/07/03 15:52 JST in Anime

The Mirai Suenaga Merchandise project has changed gears and is back on the project timeline. I've been told that they can make shower curtains too. Had no idea about character shower curtains and after a google came across this lovely one of Miyako from ef.
Check out detailed non-mirai marked photos at Green Chips and UDK.

Not sure how popular these would be but if the price is right, would you be interested in these? And unlike dakimakura and bed sheets, the shower curtains are *water* proof...
They told me that the shower curtain will be 515 x 728 mm. I guess I should ask them to make some samples first.

Also, for the dakimakura, I can make half a batch with one side that is birthday suited but not sure how popular that would be?

And for those who have forgotten about the Mirai Merchandise - snaps below.