Anime Wallpaper

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2007/05/23 19:21 JST in Mascot

I'm still determined to get Mirai's anime produced one day - but the manga will probably come first ^^;
Would like to give the kudos to the following who have come up with the latest Mirai wallpaper.

Below: First up is the work of member Lu-k who also runs a great figure review site at The title of Lu-k's site is influenced by Nodame^^; Below: More from Lu-k. B-chiku on! These walls available at Lu-k's site under this post. Below: Lu-k also made this great Mirai-ism logo too and has agreed to let us use the original PSD version. Thanks Lu-k san! Below: Next up is the work of member Samejima who runs Useless Thoughts - get this wallpaper at Samejima's blog. Below: A few banners which I have spotted so far by members Angelo Visconti (, Tragic comedy (My Art Corner) and Frost (Winterheim HDD). Member xjaymanx has a nice long banner on the right column of his site. If I have missed your work (sorry!) let me know and will make sure I mention your work in the next post. For those who are interested in making Mirai walls/banners can download the PSD file here.
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All work will go in Mirai's page soon. That page is currently manually put together and will automate it soon.
BTW, I decided on an age for Mirai but wanted to know how old you think Mirai should be ^^;