Aoi Nishimata

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2008/12/09 02:32 JST in Anime

Boxes of fresh strawberries have been selling by the bucket load ever since the manufacturers decided to put the illustration of "Ichigo-chan" on the box - 32 tonnes so far.

Each box has about 15 - 20 strawberries and costs 1890 yen for the box.
People buying the strawberries are mainly men in the 20 and 30s. One person even ordered 40 kilos of this product.

The illustration is by Aoi Nishimata and folks may remember reading about her illustration on sacks of rice earlier this year.

Would be interesting to see more n more food in supermarkets with moe moe characters on the packaging.

Via Kahoku News.