AX 2010

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2010/07/08 10:00 JST in Anime Events

Thank you Anime Expo for a most awesome time! I was able to meet a load of current comrades and make a ton of new ones too.
One of my missions at AX was to connect my comrades with each other so that when I left, they could build on their new relationships and continue to share their passions with each other.

Continue to share your interests and reach out to connect with like minded folks. Once that happens, you will truly start to understand how you want to live you passions and when that happens, everything will just follow - it always always does.

These photos were taken at my second panel where we had a very brief chat about "6 months to live" and then watch some Black Rock Shooter footage together with some Culture:Japan. At the end, we all took a group shot.

I wanted to take a group shot like this for a few reasons.
One reason is so that I can remember each and everyone of you!

The other reason is because everybody who annotates themselves has a chance to win 2 BRS Figma's as mentioned at the end of the panel.

And here she is looking absolutely lovely in the office.
Please annotate yourself and leave your website or Twitter or Facebook details (if you want) so that other like minded folks can connect with you.
Once that's done, I will choose two comrades at random and Kidnemo will send you the figures when shes out.
As with all giveaways - will announce on my Twitter account and Facebook.

Thanks again to Kidnemo who now have a revamped website which is now running on the same platform as Good Smile Company.

The rest of the photos are slices of the three photos that I needed to take because I didn't have a wide angle lens (which I will order!) - You may see yourself in any of these photos. Please annotate yourself in any or all of them to claim your BRS figure!

Thank you once again for everything and hope to see you soon. I love you America!

Oh, and more AX coverage to follow.