Blood Plus

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2005/10/15 19:11 JST in Anime

Last week saw the last installment of Gundam Seed Destiny which means that Blood now fills the 6PM slot on MBS/TBS. 6PM on a saturday is synonymous with kids-watching-tv-with-mum-n-dad type thing so after watching the first episode of Blood, I was surprised that it snapped up that 6PM slot.
The first episode starts of with tons of...blood. Demons ripping and slashing poor villagers in two and what have you. Then appears a young girl - her eyes a fiery red and seems to be possessed by some sort of evil. She too joins in the fun of slashing villagers in two - sometimes three pieces - a mother and child and finally slashing some little kid trying to run away - but - she is also slashing away at the demons... There are also units of soldiers and helicopters - the army seems to be involved, they try to stop this demon girl but also get slashed into seven shades of red...

The scene then cuts to modern day where we see Saya Otonashi (the school girl in the pics) going about her daily life. She kind of resembles the girl we see at the beginning slashing people up but we dont at this stage whether they are the same person. Saya is one of those cant-remember-anything-that-happened-over-a-year-ago types and as she continues going about her life, she has flashbacks of her past...

The end of the first episode had me shouting in a bad mood - it was one of those keep-the-watchers-on-the-edge-of-their-seat and make-em-wait-until-next-week-to-find-out types where we see who Saya really is.

The artwork direction is fantastic and if you liked Ghost in the Shell (the first TV series and 2gig) then you will probably like this as it is brought to us by the same folks.
Saya is dead cute and I will probably have to get myself a Saya figure when they hit the shops to guard my desk form evil slash-people-in-two demons.

You can pop along to the Blood page at MBS to see trailers for up and coming episodes. You can also visit the official site but they dont have good shots of the anime - luckily, I recorded it and bring you some teaser shots.Below: Blood starts off with lots of poor soldiers, villagers and demons being slashed left right and center.Below: Anime with cute characters make anime so much more interesting for some reason.Below: Saya bumps into some strange bloke who has come to question her dad.Below: This dude show up halfway through - he is affiliated with Saya but at this stage we dont know how.Below: Saya after being whacked by a demon.Below: Saya about to remember her past?