British Ambassador to Japan

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Was invited to have lunch at the British Ambassadors residence in Tokyo. Had no idea what to expect so thought I'd better be safe than sorry so took along some Nendoroids for him ^^;

The residence lawn - the photo doesn't capture how big it is. Was a lovely sunny day with butter flies dancing around. Never seen a lawn this big in Tokyo.

Have not been back to the UK for a while now and the more time I spent in the residence, the more I started to feel a homesick - homesick for a visit but not to live as I love it here in Tokyo.
This is a map of the London underground with a difference - each station is named with British celebrities like Bruce Forsyth, Terry Wogan and others.

And then its time for lunch.
Japan and Britain is celebrating 60 years of harmonious relations. For the whole of 2008, there have been (and will continue to the end of the year) performances and exhibitions to showcase the UK's contemporary creativity in the arts, science and innovation, and in creative industries.
The event is called "UK-JAPAN 2008" and is organized by the British Embassy and British Council, working in partnership with a range of high-profile sponsors from UK and Japanese industry.

My involvement is something along these lines which I will go into detail at another time.

Main dish - those carrots where lovely and tasted just like the frozen ones we got at Tescos back in Hackney.

And what did the ambassador David Warren think about the otaku culture? He seemed to be already knowledgeable about the culture and loved the Nendoroids!

The Ambassador David and in the lounge which was more like a huge hall ^^;

Attending the lunch were select members involved in UK-JAPAN 2008 ranging from university professors to Industrial designers but mostly members of the British Council.

I didn't think that people would be networking and only carried my usual stock of business cards so ended up giving away my Mirai card which folks loved!
Will be making our next batch of Mirai Inc business cards with Mirai and Haruka-chan printed on it.

Also met a professor from Musashino Art University which was the model for the anime Hachimitsu and Clover. Have been invited for a visit so if you have any Hachimitsu questions then let me know.
Am looking forward to bringing you coverage of Musashino and other universities too (met a few more professors).

More of the main lounge.

A closer look to see a photo of the Japanese prince.

Battle of Trafalgar.

Entrance way with hi-tec toilets around the corner.
This is my second time at the residence. The last time I was here was quite a few years ago attending a party held with the scientific journal Nature.

Ambassador David and his wife.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

I has the same flower vase ^^;

Interesting collage of photos.

The tick tock sound from this old clock was so soothing - must get one for our new house.

And after lunch its off to central Tokyo for more meetings.

Quickly pop back to the office to find that somebody broke into the house and left something for me.

Then its back outside for more meetings.

And then on the way home we stop in Shibuya for some Vietnamese food.

Quick walk around Shibuya to check out the latest trends.

And then stop in the Depa Chika (underground department store) for some grub.

The freshly baked bread looked lovely...

..until I spotted one of humans furry friends.

Depa Chika mainly sells food which you take out - most of them are desserts or side dishes.

We picked up some of these fish type dishes mixed with nuts.

Going back to the car.

Spot a London bus painted white which rounded up my desire to make a trip back to London.

For those of you who were raised in a country different to the one you live in, do you get home sick form time to time?