Censorship in Japan

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2008/10/30 13:28 JST in Eroge

Eroge Volume 7 that went on sale on the 24th of this month had to be recalled because there were 9 images which were not censored.
The censored images in question can be seen at the official site for Volume 7 here as confirmed by Hentai Gamer.
The girls in the game are....
...actually quite cute ^^;

This is the first I've heard of an eroge being recalled for failing to censor a few images.

News and more pics at Akibaos, trailer for the game below.

UPDATE: Just "stumbled" onto the CG pack for this game which includes the uncensored images at Hong Fire - for the curious mind out there.

And for those who are wondering why eroge is censored...
Unless you are a pure individual, you probably know that Japanese porn is censored. Male and female genitalia are censored using a mosaic blur. If you watch Japanese porn expecting to see the female crotch area, you will likely see something like this instead:

Why is this so? Why does Japan, one of the largest markets for pornography in the world, force film makers to censor their films?

Porn was first seriously restricted in Japan in the Meiji Era, when materials deemed “injurious to public morals” were banned. After Japan’s defeat in WW2, American occupation authorities changed many of Japan’s laws to guarantee freedom of speech and expression. Sadly, the occupation authorities decided that the pre-existing law regarding pornography didn’t need to be changed. It has remained in effect to this day.

While the 60 years after World War II saw the acceptance of uncensored pornography as freedom of expression in the West, Japan continued to consider it “injurious to public morals.” One still cannot legally buy a movie featuring fully visible hardcore action.

In recent years it seems that the definition of “injurious to public morals” has been relaxed. Ten years ago, pubic hair was censored: now it is not. Last year, the American film Kinsey was allowed to air in Japanese theaters uncensored. The scene in which Dr. Kinsey is giving a slideshow of penis/vagina picture made history as the first ever scene showing human genitalia allowed by the censors.
Read the rest of that at Japan Probe.