CharaHobby 2007

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2007/08/19 16:17 JST in Figure and Doll events

Just under 14 mins of video coverage taken at Chara Hobby 2007 Yesterday. The first half of the video is Gundam stuff - the latter half being everything else.

Headed straight for the Gundam stuff as soon as I got in. After I was done with Gundam, I looked around to notice that the event was extremely watered down compared to last year. Maybe its hard times for the toy industry? Figure fans would have found it boring as there was nothing new from the Wonder Festival last week.

Highlights of this clip are a 1/48 scale Mudrock Gundam, detailed footage of Claire from Claymore and a closer look at MG Destiny Gundam. I'm off to the final day of the Summer Comiket now with a list full of wants - some taken from Windbell's post. The image below was taken at the last season. Related:

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