Chinese Site Launched

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2010/08/18 21:54 JST in Japan

Still got a few places to brush up but decided to launch before my visit to Hong Kong this October.
Folks who read or are studying Chinese or would like to introduce this site to a Chinese speaking comrade, go to to see what I've written so far.

For now I've chosen to use the Chinese flag to represent Traditional Chinese. I know many UI designers talk about how a flag should not be used to represent a language but I need to think about the UI first ^^;
You will see the Chinese flag on the detail pages and at the top of the page so you can flip languages.

My Chinese is not that great so wifey helps me from time to time. Decided to go with Traditional Chinese due to the feedback but can do Simplified in the near future. This should help improve my Chinese speaking skills at the same time^^;

我開始寫中文部落格喔!我的中文是自己學得所以說的不太好>< 中文的網站還有幾個BUG。
有時我的太太會幫我謝一點。中文的網站是這裡 >

And I'm sure that most of you know by now but I write everything in Japanese too - if you are studying Japanese then you may want to give it a whirl >

How many of you are actively writing in more than 1 language?