Christmas in Akihabara

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Spent a day at Akiba Square on 2010/12/12 filming the Bushiroad tounaments for Culture Japan. Before and after filming, got to do a quick round of the various shops selling a load of otaku goodies. While its the festive season, there wasn't that many noticeable santa's or tinsel. The only major attraction were the Christmas illuminations at Akiba Square.

In the evening we spot a lovely Itabus for fripside.

Earlier on in the morning - heading over to Akihabara on the JR Yamanote line. If you go to the front or back carriage, you get a drivers view. Occasionally you see them change drivers which is pretty much instantaneous. I remember the driver change process taking more than 5 mins back in London where the new driver would prepare his newspaper, hot dog and drink..

This area right here used to be a car park and basketball court - photos way back then in the History of Akihabara post.
Map of Akihabara below.

I've only seen a couple episodes of Bleach which seems to be very popular outside of Japan too. How many of you had/have this on your watch list?

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The Electric Town entrance has changed a lot since I last visited which was only a few weeks ago! The opticians on the corner is now replaced by a Sega arcade and the old department store on top of Akihabara station is now replaced by Atre (pronounced "Atoray").

There has been a lot of talk about the pedestrianized Hokousha Tengoku being revived after the stabbings in Akihabara which lead to many deaths.
Today is a Sunday with no sign of the main road being closed off to traffic any time soon.

A photo taken in 1965 from this same spot can also be seen in the History of Akihabara post.

Some Fukubukuro up for grabs at the Kotobukiya store. Each bag costs 5000 yen and is filled with goods worth about 20000 yen - 30000 yen. The catch is that you are not allowed to see whats inside the bag although and may end up with a bag of poo.

An up n coming Nitroplus game Axanael.

Could not make Dollpa so did the next best thing which was to go to the Volks store to pick up some clothes with points left over on my Volks membercard.

In Radio Kaikan, you will find a load of small shops like this selling a load of figures, Gundams and doll stuff.

Outside Radio Kaikan facing Chuo Dori.

In Chuo Dori - the main street in Akihabara. If you are visiting then you need to explore all the small streets that branch off Chuo Dori or you will miss the nuggets.

A load of Gacha all over the place.

This Sofmap has a load of games. I remember buying games here for my PC Engine many moons ago.

Gundam Musou makes it to its 3rd game!
Played the first one but cutting through all the "Zako" characters made my brain go numb after a while. A "Zako" character refers to the ones which are there to be chopped or shot down and generally get on your nerves.

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Me have not played any of the Monster Hunter series but its probably about time that I give it a whirl.

A load of cuties in the eroge Hello, good-bye.

Aya Brea is such a cutie - check her out in action below for the 3rd Birthday. Loved Parasite Eve 2 many moons ago.

A load of eroge new and old.

More cuties in Criminal Girls.

A load of Oppai Mousepads - or "Health Mousepads."

More eroge shops. How many of you are eroge players? Wish I had eroge when I was learning Japanese.

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Due out on the 24th of December is Yotsuiro - more cuties.

Illustrator Shintaro is having an exhibition in Akiba right now. Om nom nom.

Oyako-don for lunch.

Having a gander around the other eroge shops.

Out in Jan is another eroge with a load of cuties called Damatte Watashi no Muko ni nare!.

Snapped from a balcony at Akiba Square.

The Bushiroad World Grand Prix - photo coverage soon.

The area around Akiba Square is lot up with Christmas illuminations. They've got green tubes hanging from the trees which illuminate in different patterns which looks lovely.

Photos taken with the new Lumix GF2 which I still owe you a review of.

figma Mirai Suenaga up for pre-order at Animate!

The wall of figma and Nendoroid pre-orders at Animate.

Never been to this floor at Animate before and was very surprised to see figures *heavily* discounted. This is the Animate in the middle of Chuo Dori. Do they sell discounted figures in your neck of the woods or are they generally retail price with extra slapped on top?

50% off many Nendoroids.

Akihabara is the place to go to see cute girls everywhere.

This is the Animate store with all the discounted figures.

A load of goodies up for grabs if you got the UFO skills.

Akihabara looks gorgeous at night.

Tony Taka has a gallery exhibition going on at Gamers featuring a load of his Shining Hearts illustrations.

Get off at the Electronic Town exit at Akihabara and make sure to pop into Gamers. Many floors willed to the brim with otaku goodies including trading card games, dakimakura, eroge, doujinshi, merchandice, gundam, figures and more.

Kirino Love.

When in Akihabara, don't forget to look down or you will miss cuties...

And also don't forget to look upwards at the building signs. In Japan, many buildings consist of different shops on different floors. Many gems are also to be found hidden away up above too.

Hmmmm. Looking up at the ads on the building gives me an idea.....

Comrades from Singapore.

This place used to be Sato Musen but is now Labi.

Akihabara station by night.

Many cute girlies in the station too.

The works of Kurehito Misaki are just gorgeous.

View of Yodobashi from the Yamanote platform. Me seldom go towards that area though.