Cozy Corner

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2009/08/13 13:37 JST in Japan

Cozy Corner originally opened as a delicatessen back in 1948 in Ginza.
They now have over 300 stores across Japan which include restaurants and cafes.
Here we see Aoi-chan about to eat her fave Shu Cream - its like a light pastry filled with custard.

Have always loved Cozy Corner and dreamt of one opening in our local shopping arcade. And then one day I saw that they was just about to open one right in our neck of the woods!

By day people line up for the cakes.

And this is the sort of yummy cakes that they sell.

Cozy Corner by night - its popular around the clock and you can very rarely just walk in and get something without a wait.

Cozy Corner and other places that sell cold sweets or cakes usually ask how long it will take you to get home. When I was first asked, I thought to myself why on earth does she need to know?!

Then I learned that depending on how long it takes you to get home, they will give you the appropriate amount of dry ice to keep your cakes cold on your trip home. I was flabbergasted at the high quality of service as I never saw anything like it back in the UK.

Do you give you ice packs or dry ice sachets to keep your cakes cool on your journey home in your neck of the woods?