Culture Japan Episode 0 Uploaded

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2010/09/23 01:49 JST in Japan

Uploaded the English subbed 1 hour version of the pilot episode 0 of Culture Japan to the Tubes. Thanks to your support, Culture Japan starts its first season next week on Tokyo MX TV Saturday October 2nd at 22:00.
Each episode will then be broadcast across 19 countries in Asia on Animax Asia - subbed in Traditional Chinese and English depending on the region.

Most of you probably know by now but Culture Japan is the first TV show that I've directed and presented on. Am still learning as I go along so the show will be more polished as I gain more experience ^^;
You can read more about episode 0 or check out the Making of Culture Japan.

In Episode 0 we have:-

Culture Japan is produced by a small team called Mirai Productions:-
Shuichi Fujiyasu (Producer) - he arranges the camera crew, sound operators, lighting staff and so on depending on what we are filming. He also organizes all the setup of the studio set and staff required to put the show together. He's worked on many shows in his history at Fuji TV and also worked closely with Beat Takeshi.

Maki Shogo (Project Manager) - negotiates with schools and companies to let us go and film what they do. He also writes the base script for each filming location. If you got anything you want to see on the show then just name it - he will go and make it happen.

Danny Choo (Director) - I come up content that would be interesting to view not only outside of Japan but for Japanese locals too. I oversee the editing of the final product before delivery to Tokyo MX TV and Animax Asia.
I also oversee choreography, camera direction, sound and buy snacks for the camera crew ^^;

Besides our main responsibilities, we also do all the small but important stuff ourselves like translation, editing, sound balancing and going around giving sales pitches to potential sponsors.

You will also see a load of worldwide otaku rooms submitted by folks over at We would love to show more of your rooms so if you are interested then start submitting today! We need some for next weeks show! Details at