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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2011/10/26 15:27 JST in Japan

Many folks think that my full time job is one where I sit at a computer waiting for mails to come in to be answered ^^;
After leaving corporate life at Amazon and Microsoft, I started a small company called Mirai. Based in Tokyo, we focus on spreading Japanese culture throughout the world through mediums such as web, TV and events.

Since 2007, we have accumulated clients like Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, Kadokawa, Konami, Ascii Media Works, Dentsu, King Records, Nitroplus, Tokyo MX and the Japanese government. More details about what we get up to listed on my profile page. 2010 - 2011 has been a period of building clientele and 2012 will be the year of expansion and growth.

Discovering Japanese culture has completely changed my life as you may have read and I feel an obligation to continue to share this wonderful culture with the world - I currently seek somebody who feels the same about Japanese culture and would like to help me with the Culture Japan brand of media and products.

All these are part-time positions and are constantly open - if I cant take you on at the time then I can introduce you to some of my clients who can take you on. Some require you to be in Japan - some do not. Depending on your level of Ninja Karma, some of these can turn into full time positions in Tokyo.


Am looking for a *seasoned* RUBY, AJAX, MYSQL, HTML 5, CSS, UNIX guru for a long term contract which will turn into a full time position if all works out well.
You should be familiar with Github, and be able to setup and compile a server. All programmers who work for us will do so on a Mac environment.

Mobile Developers

Am looking for iOS and Android developers. Send in links to examples of your previous work.


Am looking for designers who are well versed with Photoshop, Fireworks and Illustrator. You will be designing for anime production, TV production, web, print and products. Basic Japanese and the ability to read Katakana, Hiragana and some kanji is required for this position.

Video Camera Wo/men

Am looking for freelance video camera wo/men in the Tokyo area. You need a good command of Japanese for this job. State which video camera equipment you regularly use and send links to examples of your work (YouTube etc).

Sound Wo/men

Am looking for sound engineers in the Tokyo area. You need a fair command of Japanese for this job.

Non Linear Editors

Am looking for Final Cut Pro 7 / Final Cut Pro X / Adobe Premiere editors in the Tokyo region who have an excellent command of Japanese. However we are using Final Cut Pro X for the second season of Culture Japan.


I look for translators from time to time on my Twitter and Facebook and recently hired one to help me work on Culture Japan - he ended up being web savvy too so now he is also working on the websites for many of my clients.

If you are interested in any of these positions then send mail to with links to your online portfolio.

I think that's about it for now - am waiting for your mail!

Ah, nearly forgot to mention - if you are interested in these positions but dont have any of these skills then dont despair because its free to ask Google Sensei. I acquired all my design, programming and video editing skills from the Internets in my own time and you can do so to - investing in improving yourself is key to avoid becoming the person that you dont want to be and living a life that you dont want to live.
Example's of how I self studied can read in the How I started to build my Career in Japan post.