Daki Makura

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2005/11/19 22:48 JST in Japan

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Are you lonesome tonight? Cant quite afford a Candy Girl and cant wait for the Candy Girl game to come out? Well why dont you do what the Japanese do and get yourself a Daki Makura (roughly translated as "hug pillow").

I remember seeing the guy who came up with the idea of having anime characters printed on hug-sized pillows on TV. He was trying to get funds for his business idea. Sitting in front of some pompous investors, he was made to lie down and show the panel how the pillow would be used in different positions. Now the guy (sorry cant remember his name) is laughing all the way to the bank because (if my memory serves me right) he owns the patent to this idea.

Daki Makura is now big business in Japan and I am sure that most Otaku already have one. And its not just anime characters either - Idols (young girlies who run around in their bikinis trying to look as cute as possible) printed on Daki Makura are also quite popular.
If you need one, you can order them online and average at 15000 yen. Well what are you waiting for?

Below: An example of a Daki Makura. (image from Yahoo Auction Japan)Below: A Daki Makura tends to have a scantly clad anime figure - turn the pillow over and you can see her scantly clad back.(images from Yahoo Auction Japan)Below: Some pillows are a bit more than scantly clad. (image from Yahoo Auction Japan)Below: And some of them have Idols printed on them. (image from somewhere that I cant remember)Below: And if you cant quite afford a Daki Makura, you can always get yourself a bedsheet or towel like this one - just remember if you are going to get one, ask your parents not to hang it out to dry for everybody to see. (image from somewhere, some place)