Densha Otoko

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2005/12/14 15:34 JST in Anime

#v#flv_densha.jpg#v#"exsqueeze me?" I hear you say. I know - Densha Otoko is not an Anime but features a coolio anime intro produced by Gonzo (Kiddy Grade, Speed Grapher etc).
For those of you who dont know, Densha Otoko is about an Otaku who falls in lurve with the gorgeous Hermes. His first meeting with her is on the train (which is why this Otaku is known as Densha Otoko - or Train Guy).
Hermes is being harassed by some drunk and is about to flash his pinkie about when Densha Otoko beats off the drunk (and in the process gets beat himself). The story revolves around how he tries to win her heart whilst getting advice n support from his online chums at the A Channel bulletin board.

The intro is a "remake" of a 5 minute short anime which was put together for the 22nd Japan Sci Fi convention back in the 80's - the title was called DAICON 4. If you ever get to see it, you will see the similarities and notice the same music by ELO. The cute girly in the intro is Getsumen Heiki Mina and if you have seen Densha Otoko you would have noticed a figure of her on Densha Otoko's desk. there are rumors in Japan that Gonzo is going to produce an Anime series on Mina - I am sure it would be VERY popular if its true.

Densha Otoko is a fab drama and highly recommended.Above: Read short stories about Mina's adventures at Fuji TV's HP.