Doll Show 26

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Doll Show 26 took place yesterday in Hamamatsu-cho at the Tokyo Trade Center. Unlike last time, this time round we was treated to 4 floors including the tea space on the 2nd floor where many sons n daughters got to meet new friends - as well as parents too ^^;

Didn't take as many photos as I did last time as some of the stuff was the same. If you want to see what it was like then have a look at the previous Doll Show photo article.

Here we see Saber with "prayer hands" for Dollfies - will cost 4000 yen.

One face that we didn't see at the previous Doll Show was Natsuki.

Ryomo in punk (?) gear which seems to be quite popular.

Think this is Asuka.

Purple wig Saber. Folks who live in Japan will notice that many elderly ladies dye their hair purple. Some folks said that its because the black hair dye fades away but my hair dresser says is because they actually do dye their hair purple.

Kanu in slip. Fotgot to pick up that hair pin.

Yoko with eyes from Cork Cats.


Not entirely sure who this is - looks like Komaki.

I thought these eyes where resin but on a closer look I discover that they are actually prints.

One thing I like about the doll shows is that one gets inspiration on how to dress up ones daughter.

Wanted to have a dealer booth at the up n coming Dollpa next month but just discovered that applications closed last August! Was going to sell the maid mirai and suit.

Saber looks so cute here.

Didn't see that many of Nia. Dollpa is mainly focused on Dollfie stuff so expect to see more of her next month.
Todays Doll Show was a mixed bag of everything although this time round I focused on the Dollfie stuff.

Yui Hirasawa played by Nanoha. Very sweet. Also reminds me that I need to give Nanoha another haircut.

Cuddly Saber.

Hmmm. She looks familiar.

This was the sweetest Dollfie I saw all day long - belongs to Mofu-san and you can see more of her daughter at Flickr. Mofu-san gave her daughter peachy cheeks and purupuru lip makeup. I've asked her to do my Nanoha-chan up the same.

Mofu-san's daughter is called Michiru-san.
Quick Japanese lesson - never stick "san" on the end of your own name. "san" is a suffix used on the end of somebody else's name and is the polite way of referring to someone. Referring to yourself with "san" on the end makes you look like a pratt.

Want to pinch her cheeks!

Another Yui Hirasawa played by Nanoha.

Louise plays puchi Fate.

Think this is a custom head playing puchi Nanoha.

Erika plays Klan Klein.

Haruhi plays Kokonoe Rin.


Moe-chan points to something down her top.

Saw a load of black clothes that I would have loved to get for my daughters but have first hand experience of color transfer onto the body. Even dark blue socks are culprits. Cant be bothered to use cling film either.


Meido Sasara.

Sasara n Moe.

Saber Alter Harem?

Cant remember what outfit this is from - Guilty Gear?

Natsuki in one of Volks recently released outfits.

Saw a few pair of jeans which I wanted to get but stocked up n a load of other stuff instead ^^;


Just noticed from these photos that quite a few daughters have had their hair trimmed.

Saw a load of leather jackets which were a bit pricey.


Got some eyelashes but not got round to attaching them.

Sasara looking rather smexy.

Nekomimi Komaki Mannaka.

ToHeart girls.

Rozen Sasara.

Yukino Miku.


Rin Tohsaka.

Mirai Saber.

And this was the space for the Dollfie Twitter users.

Got more stuff coming up but for the meantime check out the links below for more coverage.

Next doll events will be the Twitter Off Kai in Shinjuku on the 14th of November and then Dollpa on December the 6th.