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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2010/11/06 01:03 JST in Dollfie

Hmmmm. I wonder what Saber is doing this evening while relaxing upstairs in the lounge.
Danny: Hey Saber, what you up to?

Saber: I'm checking out the doll blog aggregator which was launched recently on Mirai Gaia.
Danny: .....Er OK, and whats so special about it?

Saber: goes around the Internets pulling in doll related content. The top page shows the latest posts from the dollsphere with thumbnails and an excerpt. It enables me to keep up with any potential brothers or sisters that I may have in the future.

There are also a load of posts about the latest doll fashion and accessories too.
At the moment there are about 120 doll related blogs registered on and more are being added as more doll blogs are discovered.

There is a note to say that if folks want their doll blog registered to just tweet and it will be added.

Danny: Hmmm, that does sound interesting. Does accept registrations from any type of doll blog?
Saber: Yes - Azone, Obitsu, Dollfie, Mamachapp, Blythe, Mocochan and more. The majority is Dollfie at the moment though.
Danny: Sounds good to me. Whats with the Twitter accounts on the top page?
Saber: Doll parents can have their Twitter account registered in the side column by just leaving their twitter account in the comments for this post.

Saber: There are so many brothers and sisters out there who I would love to meet! I've already met a few in Japan, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and am looking forward to meeting more in Singapore next week ^o^

Saber: has only been up for a few weeks but has already aggregated over 1790 doll related posts which you can see here.

Saber: There is also a mobile version too which is rather useful.

Saber: There is also an RSS feed and Email subscription service for folks who are too busy to come to the site.
Now if you excuse me I need to get back to lazing around.

Saber: .......

Saber: .......