Dollfie Saber Fate/EXTRA Ver.

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2011/09/22 19:40 JST in Dollfie

Photos just published at the Dollfie Blog of some new Dollfie goodies up for grabs - DD Saber Fate/EXTRA Ver looking rather stunning indeed. The price is also stunning at 72450 yen.

If you got a spare 65100 yen lying around in your left shoe then you may have a chance of getting hold of Saber Alter 2nd Version too.

Saber Alter Jersey and Bloomer set.

Black swimwear for folks who don't mind color stains.
Wolf is covering the latest on this and you can find out more buzz over at

Oh, and grats to Kodomut for adopting - cool figures at his burogu too.

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