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The second part of the Dolls Party also known as "Dollpa."
Today we look at the "Tea space" where folks bring their sons and daughters along to display, chat, have tea and take photos. The space also enables ones children to meet new friends too.

First up is the lovely Saber who looks good in anything!

I asked the parent of this Saber where he got the costume and he told me it was made by Azone which I promptly went out to acquire - currently worn by Ryomo.

Some more Dollpa coverage for you at:-

Saber Alter in Kimono.

Some girls in goth type dresses.

I think this is Mikuru but could be Yuki.

Haruhi as Rin. I dropped my Nendorid Rin today which was annoying.

Taiga Dollfie.

Cant remember the character name but think shes from August.

A load of Erika Sendo.

Nice costume. Monster Hunter?

Another Monster Hunter?

Komaki ready to hunt you down and impale you on her horn.

A load of shenanigans going on here.

Lucky dog.

Looks like she just pooed out a head.

Saber in a loli kimono.

Saber looking sweet as usual. Does she never have an off day?

This girl belongs to Suuji who also done the makeup.

China dress Saber.

Sabers ahoge has been eaten.

Will probably stick to natural color hair for my daughters for now. I've seen darker hair colors leave stains.

Yukino wants to slice you.

Kagami wanders off and I find her having her pics taken 20 mins later.

I'll pick up a brush at the next wonfes - some doll dealers will be there.


For our loli fans.

May not be a surprise but the male dolls had mostly female parents and the female dolls had mostly male parents.

Haruhi as Nagi.

If you are going to bring along your dollfies to a show, I recommend that you go with a few comrades so that at least one person can look after the table. Very unlikely that your children will be kidnapped but still best to have a guardian around at all times.

Love the colors of this dress on Kotori.

Many daughters carried weapons.

Tamaki as Nanoha with Saber as Fate.

Either a Yuki or Mikuru head I think.

While the event was mostly a Dollfie one, some folks brought other varieties too. I think these are of the 25cm variety?

Looks like the girls are having a good time.

Mamachapp girls.

Want that jacket!

Looks like Kotori.

Nice eyes.

Checking up on Kagami who has made quite a few friends.

Some nunchucks which I forgot to pick up - 500 yen each.

At the Minmei Koubo stand. Looks like this chap has his handful with two daughters and a son.

Bush having a session of being treaded on by pink rubber boots.

Mr Stark hits onto one of the girls from ToHeart.

This chap is from Superman? He looks content.

Obama gets together with wots his name.

The white claws reach out for its prey and holds it in place until the photos are taken.

Some more Dollfie food. Mc Dees morning pancakes.

Curry Pan - not sure if thats 2500 yen for one or the whole tray. "Pan" in Japanese means Bread.

How about some lovely coffee for your daughters?

Nothing beats some traditional Japanese tempura - deep fried prawns n veggies on rice.

Some more food stuffs to make sure your daughters never go hungry.

Some in-the-middle-of-eating stuff too. Kinda reminds me of my recent health test where I had to extract some poo.

The last few pics were taken at after the Doll Show where I spent some time with Taitan talking about online communities and what have you. Still wondering if the relaunch of should include dolls or whether I should set up a separate doll only community.

So, ever since I discovered the world of Dollfies, I want to write more about them as I find them incredibly interesting - just like when I discovered figurines.

I still like figurines and certainly wont be giving up on them anytime soon as I still appreciate them as a form of art and also because my work is heavily involved with them. Besides, they arrive every week on the doorstep from my sponsors ^^;

However, lately I do tend to take more interest in Dollfies which have much more customization options - wig, eyes (both pairs), body parts, clothes, accessories and what have you. There is also a certain attachment to them just as if they are...daughters ^^;

Just like I still get complaints about figurine content, I've noticed complaints about the dollfie content too.
For the most part, I write about what interests me and not about what I think the reader may be interested in. I think this has been key to growing the readership of I enjoy what I write about and am glad that others can read, enjoy and relate to the topics that I share.
I do find it interesting that some folks continue to complain and yet continue to read at the same time ^^; How about you? Do the dollfie posts bother you?

Once upon a time I used to be absorbed by everything Gundam where I would post several Gundam articles a day at times.
As my career got busier and then starting up Mirai Inc, I simply had less time to make Gunpla and eventually lost interest in following the Gunpla scene.

Figurines are ready to play out of the box with no assembly time required which was a factor for the gundam-to-figure transition. I also disliked the way that the Gundam Fix Figuration line took ages to get out of the box and I usually ended up with plastic bags of spare parts sitting in a container.

What I do try to do is balance the content out so that there are not too many figure/dollfie or Japan posts in a row. This photo article for example was due to go out in place of the A Day in Tokyo 5 photo article but there was too many Dollfie posts in a row.

Just like I carry figmas and nendoroids, Taitan carrys around his daughters in a plastic tub - he has to split them in half before they fit in though ^^;

Taitan's camera of choice - the Nikon D300. Am wondering when my Nikon goodies are going to arrive.

Taitans moko-chan also has a camera. Not sure what brand though.

One of his other daughters with a mic - not sure what her name is.

This is the one that I want but they don't make her anymore.

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