Dolpa 30 Dealer's Booth

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2014/01/25 12:53 JST in Dollfie

One of the world's largest doll events Dolpa took place last month at Tokyo Big Sight but was different from previous Dolpa - this time Volks celebrated their 40th anniversary by setting a new world record for the "Longest line of dolls."

Apart from the record breaking, they had the usual booths selling a load of doll accessories and apparel. The next post will focus on the doll display area.

Volks staff prepping the dolls for the Guiness challenge - approximately 3282 dolls.

Big Boss Shigeta-san receiving the Guiness certification. The rest of the photos were taken at the dealer's booth area.

Angel Maker.

Ginger Tea and Chocolate Mint.

Teshigoto no Takayama.



Aqua Planet.

& Eming.

Live in a Dream.




New Tenshi no Hagoromo clothings.

Volks 40th Memorial Museum - this corner featured Volk's past products including dollfie, bishoujo/kaiju figures, gunpla and more.

DD Erica Fontaine from Sakura Taisen.

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