Eureka Seven

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2005/07/21 08:00 JST in Anime

If waking up at 6.30AM on a Sunday morning is your cup of tea then here is some groovesome news for you Tokyo denizens out there.
Eureka Seven is the latest Anime out featuring more huge mechanical mobile suits and you can see if for free at 7AMon MBS/TBS. Waking up at 6.30 will give you time for your morning SSSS before the show starts. SSSS as in Shit, Shave, Shower, Cerial. OK cerial does not start with an 'S' but it the phonetic is the same...

Story revolves around Renton - a 14 year old boy who is another one of those I-want-more-than-this-hum-drum-life-and-there-must-be-more-to-life-than-this types. One day, a huge LFO (Light Finding Operation) mecha lands in Renton's back yard and happens to be piloted by a cute girl called Eureka. Better cute than ugly I say. Anyway, the story sees Renton and Eureka piloting LFO's - and of course there are the galactic type bad guys too.

One of the cool things about Eureka Seven is that the LFO's have a kind of air board which they ride just like a surf board - the air board lets out a stream of I-have-no-idea-what-but-it-glows-and-looks-cool-stuff. The animation is absolutely top notch - comparable to Cowboy Bebop and The second Ghost in the Shell TV Series. The background music is great too.
This whole combination of coolness keeps you watching - again, the animation is cool stuff - there is nothing worse than anime with bad animation. Gundam Seed Destiny is now on TV too but depending on the artist, a character Like Lux Klein would look like anything from 'nice' to 'have been battered around the face by a stuffed alligator'.
If you don't live in Japan and want a piece of this coolsome anime, my Agents inform me that Eureka Seven is also available on P2P networks...