POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2007/05/16 17:43 JST in Mascot

I wanted to make my own Mirai Itasha but looks like David beat me to it ^^; I really want to do up my Nissan March as a Mirai Itasha but dont think a green car is Itahsa-able ^^^;
Below: Another Itasha by David - check out his site for the full res images. Below: Fantastic wallpaper of Mirai in pink by Mark. Was not too sure how Mirai would look in pink seifuku but am really liking it now. Need to try her in pink hair too. Check out Marks site for the full res version. If you would like to make some Mirai goodies - you can download her PSD file from here. Will make sure I mention your work and put it in Mirai's Page (these images will go in later).
Speaking of the Mirai PSD file (which you need to be a member in order to download), It looks like Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and some other free domain emails are filtering the confirmation email which you need in order to activate your account. Have a look in your spam folder or go for Gmail instead.