figma Mirai Suenaga Solar Marine Ver.

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2011/11/02 22:23 JST in Mascot

Only a few months after the release of figma Mirai Suenaga, the Solar Marine version is here! I knew figma's were released in the droves but didn't realize they were produced this quickly ^^;

Mirai has been steadily growing her fan base in Japan since the second season of Culture Japan started its run in Japan. This figma is actually a custom made Solar Marine version by a Japanese user on FG called Ponzu. I want one!

Mirai with her Millennium Blade. Great work all round!

Info on Mirai Millennium is all over the place - I need to make time to centralize everything ToT. For now you can see some bits n pieces in the Mirai Millennium Design post.