First Japan Loot

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2010/05/11 10:26 JST in Japan

Dug this photo up from mums place back in the UK - tis my first loot from my first trip to Japan back in 1993!
Back then there we no Internets so all health material had to be acquired through physical material ^^;

Here we got some Shashin Shu or Photo Books of Nishida Hikaru, Rieko Miura, Kato Reiko, and Ribbon. Most of my cash went on the photo books, games, manga and Nama Shashin which are photos of idols that they sold (and still do) at Harajuku.
I also spot a Street Fighter drama CD which I listened to 20,000 times which did wonders for my Japanese language learning.

Ribbon was an awesome group - Hiromi Nagasaku still does stuff on TV these days and looks the same!

And my imaginary girlfriend - Nishida Hikaru.

Cant for the life of me remember where all my game machines disappeared to.
What did you buy on your first trip to Japan. Do you have photos that you can post on of your first loot? Or what do you think you would buy on your first trip?