Full Metal Panic - Second Raid

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2005/11/18 16:00 JST in Anime

#v#flv_metal.jpg#v#Living in Japan can be brutal at times - especially for those who love Anime - its on everyday and keeping up with everything can be tough. But thanks to the G5 iPod - I'm getting through slowly but surely the series of Speedgrapher, GunSword etc. "Full Metal Panic - Second Raid" is another one of those "great-anime-which-I-am-very-behind-in" and just finished watching the second show on the way home yesturday.

Going to summarize Full Metal Panic - Second Raid in a few words which should give you the picture of what this show is all about. Civil war, dictators, terrorists, Black Technology, Mechas, guy-still-at-school-who-happens-to-own-a-Mecha, cute-girls-who-happen-to-own-huge-submarines.
Character design is by Osamu Horiuchi who's previous work includes the coolio Last Exile.
"Full Metal Panic - Second Raid" is the second in the series and just finished its run on WOWOW - you can see more info on the characters and Mechas at the official site.

Just thought I would include a snap of the Anime in the iPod studio ;-) The video camera I use is the Sanyo Xacti DMX-C5. The file is saved in MP4 format which I then crop and compress using **Sorenson Squeeze,Sorenson Squeeze** into FLV format. The FLV path is then read from the DB and passed to the SWF player using PHP.

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