Futako Tamagawa Rise

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2011/09/08 12:15 JST in Places to visit in Japan

Went to check out the Futako Tamagawa Rise shopping complex that opened earlier on this year - filled with restaurants, fashion, entertainment and is a nice place to walk around on a Sunday afternoon.

The complex is located at Futako Tamagawa station which is on the Denentoshi and Oimachi lines.

My ticket does not cover the length of the journey so I go up to a Seisan-ki machine like these ones to pay the difference.

I pay the extra 70 yen and am given a ticket so that I can get out the station.
I remember being fined something like 10 pounds back in the UK because I didn't have a ticket that covered the length of the journey.
Does transport in your local require you to pay the full fare at the beginning of your journey or can you pay the difference at the other end?

So when you are in Japan, if you don't know how much it costs to get to a certain station, just buy the cheapest ticket and pay the difference at the other end.

Entrance to the Rise.

Snazzy interior.

Time for some grub.

Some for Yui too.

Me has a sweet tooth.

Me likes dessert - some Japanese this time round.

I love plastic food samples - really do help make a decision rather than looking at a menu of text. Not all establishments have food samples like this however. I remember one of my comrades from the US came over to Japan but because he was too shy to go into the nearby Japanese restaurants - he ended up eating Mc Dees for most of the time ^^;

Have you blindly ordered something from a menu in Japan ending up with something that you didn't like?

You can tell which are the restaurants to avoid - the ones without queues ^^;

Kiddy Land - popular toy store. There is a large one in Harajuku - photos in this post.

Store filled with fabric, threads and wot not for you to make some gear for your daughters.

Food for folks who take regular journeys to space.

For those who want the world to be theirs.

Cute girlies!

I want grass in my office instead of carpet.

Still got my mince pies on a bike.

Mama-chari is the term for a mothers bicycle and Papa-chari is the term for a fathers two-wheeler.

Comme Ca is a store where I go to get a load of cloth to cover my private parts.

Apart from the Dolphin, I never got the chance to learn how to play a musical instrument. How many of you play and which one?

They has PG Tips here! PG Tips is a British brand of tea - I usually bring a ton back from the UK with me ^^;

I love the effort put into presentation of food over here.

Dried aliens legs.

Being brave and trying out different colors for a change.

Loft is an interior zakka store which sells a load of useful bits n bobs.

Still not managed to get into the baking-own-coffee-beans thing yet. I love coffee but dislike the after taste ^^;

I used to live in this neck of the woods back in 2005 when I was still with Amazon. The area around the station has completely changed.

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