POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2007/10/31 02:13 JST in Japan

Those who keep up with the latest news in Japan by reading the top Japan blog Japan Probe will already know that a bunch of gaijin (foreigners) "hijacked" a train as part of their "Halloween" festivities.

From the reports around the net, many seemed to be drunk, some striped naked and as you can see from these photos (more photos and videos here) many of the mob seemed to run a muck throwing toilet paper, climbing onto the luggage rack, screaming, vandalizing the train carriage (removing lights etc).

The thing is that when Gaijin are naughty, many Japanese tend to group us all in one batch - so we all are branded as naughty.

I guess this behavior is one of the reasons why landlords don't want to rent apartments to gaijin. How does a landlord distinguish potentially rowdy gaijin from a well behaved gaijn?

Now the argument could be that its Halloween and its not as if gaijin run a muck all the time. But when it does happen, the gaijin are breaking all the rules that make Japan a relatively peaceful country to live in.

While naughty folks do exist in Japan, the honesty, diligence and in general well behaved majority of the Japanese here make Japan a place that I feel safe and love to live in.

I would be saddened if more and more folks started to behave like this - it would be like what I grew up with when back in Hackney London - vandalism, theft and disorder. No Thanks.

More videos and photos at Itai News.