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Next is are the garage kits starting off with a figure I hope they make into a PVC - Shirley Fennette.
BTW, I didnt Mirai-mark any of these images so this post is not safe for printing out and posting up on the wall.

Hidamari Sketch girls.

OK, many of you asked about these when I uploaded coverage of Wonfes 2007 Winter and I made a point of noting down the sculptor - Long Long Lab.
This is Shinkar- (シンカー) at 6500 yen.

Mayfair at 6500 yen.

Iruma (イルマ) at 7500 yen.

Jubilee (ジュビリー) at 7500 yen.

"Name that figure."

Forgive me if Im wrong but I think this is the work of CH Model.

But this definitely is CH Model.

"Name that figure."

"Name those figures."

I think these were monkeys dressed up in military gear.


I was going to buy this but then realized that I had to make it myself. Well there were some completed kits up for sale and I thought that this was one...

"Name that character."

Only joking. Motoko Kusanagi.

Some lego mecha.

Some very scantly clad person.

This is KA REN to accompany SO RAN from Zero Cross. Would love a PVC of this too.

Great pair of eyes.


"Name that figure."

I think shes an illustration used in one of the ads for Melon Books.

Louise-chan. Will she have eyes as big as her sister when shes older?

Is this one of the Hidamari girls?


I think shes from the Yakin eroge series.

Nice sculpt but dont like the eyes.


Saucy Belldandy.

Tamaki Kousaka.

More Belldandy.

Wots her name from Gunbuster.

"Name that figure."


Sasara Kusugawa from ToHeart2.

Leticia, from eroge Princess Holiday.







Kimi Kiss girl I think.

Dunno but I see balloon shaped eyes.

Never did get to finish Eureka Seven. Did the quality of it stay high throughout?

Modeler T's Cream Corune.

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