Good Smile

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2007/08/14 21:35 JST in Figure and Doll events

Next up is the Good Smile booth. Not only do they make great figures, they have a great company culture - more details soon ^^;
Kyon's sister. Mikuru is my fave but I think they made the Haruhi and this one look the cutest out of the Freeing bunch.

Mini Nendoroids.

Got to look at this closely in the GSC offices after. Cant wait to get my hands on these figma series. Was also playing with the Haruhi version too - pictures from the office soon.

Sakura Hime.

Met the guy who sculpted this at GSC. Have no idea who this character is though.

Uncho! BTW, "Unchi" means "poo" in Japanese.

Chibi Melissa Seraphy. "Chibi" in Japanese means "small/cute."


I never get bored of looking at this figure of Fauna - find her in the wallpaper pool.

Update: I've just been told that this is a man! > Bridget from Guilty Gear!

"name this figure too."

Just cant wait for Kureha to be released.

Taiga Aisaka. This is so sweet. Would look awesome on the car dashboard.

Looks familiar but I forget who she is.



Another "name-that-figure" ^^;

Ryu Mei Feng and her gorgeous green hair.

Yowzers! Apparently this is a full cast off with the POLO system!

Never was able to finish Kanon.