G's Festival

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2008/05/24 06:02 JST in Eroge

My first time picking up G's Festival Comic and was rather pleased with the purchase ^^;

Initially thought that the mag was just another one of those telephone-book-thick manga filled with random stories - it is kinda but all the stories are from popular eroge.

This month features the gorgeous Erika Sendo from Fortune Arterial. Cant wait for the Kotobukiya figure of her to be released next month.

The lovely Feena and Estel.

The first few pages are color and the rest in black/white.

Has loads of nice 2D girlies, is 454 pages thick and costs 2500 yen.

While the manga is filled with stories based on eroge, non of the content is ero apart from panchira and the occasional eye-grab.

This is the manga version of Fortune Arterial.

The 2008 spring edition also comes with a box O goodies.

Inside of the additional box.

A pass holder and what they call a "Keitai cleaner" to wipe the grime from yer mobile phone.

Inside the box is also this huge 150 x 50cm "micro fiber towel" of Erika who has freshly stepped out of a shower. You would probably ruin it if you used it as a real towel.

And this is where she currently is. Thank god for Eroge characters eh?

Speaking of Eroge, in just about every Japanese otaku blog is news of a proposal by the democratic party to ban adult games and anime saying that "people who enjoy these forms of media have lost their sense of humanity and leads to killings of young girls." This is the lady who put forward the proposal.

In a response to this proposal, there has been a backlash of responses such as...

  • Im an adult and play these games - does that make me twisted?
  • Thats an insult to people who play and make those games
  • So theres nothing wrong with adult videos? (3D girls)
  • Is that based on scientific grounds?
  • I'm a married woman with kids. I play these games...
  • Whats the color of your blood?

While I don't sit and play eroge for hours on end, I do download to have a look at them. I appreciate the artwork and think that many of the 2D girls are gorgeous. However, I don't think that I've lost my sense of humanity or am going to go out and start knocking of little girls.

What do you think about this proposal and do you have any opinions about people who play eroge or enjoy adult anime? I hear opinions that eroge and adult anime actually help reduce crime - what you think about this opinion?

Via Digimaga, Itai News, Sankei etc etc.