Hair Contact

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2006/03/10 06:57 JST in Japan

The Japanese present a new technology for those who are going bald due to tons of stress from work - Hair Contact. This new technology means that you can keep hairs on yer head *and* continue to stress out at the same time - cool!
Propia have developed a technology where they can graft artificial hairs at intervals of 0.5mm on a thin breathable film - 0.03mm or 30 microns thick. Once the film is in place, one can wash it, comb it and tug on it without it slipping off - it will even stay in place if you tie 5kg weights to the hair (as one may choose to do from time to time).

Hair Contact seems to be quite popular in Japan judging by the amount of money they spend on TV advertising. The technology was also introduced on the Discovery Channel.
You can see Hair Contact in action by having a look at the following videos on the official site.

If you're interested in trying some out, all you have to do is contact them...

Now remember folks - Hair Contact can be used on any part of your body - I guess you can put this stuff all over yourself if you wanted to be a wookie...