Haircut in Tokyo

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2010/05/20 22:11 JST in Dollfie

I want the best for my girls so they go to the same place that I go to get my haircut - Planet in Meguro.

Today its Saber's turn to get a haircut - its been growing like mad lately!

Saber arrives at Planet and waits patiently for me to get my haircut done first - me don't want to look too much of a wally for tomorrows filming ^^;
I usually get my haircut every 6 weeks or so before it starts looking like a mop head. My cut costs 4200 yen. How much does your haircut typically cost?

Saber starts to get impatient and walks around the salon.

Then its time for Saber to get her cut. Was her first time so she didn't say much.

My hairdresser uses a spray that works well for dolls too which untangles and gives the hair a nice glossy look.

...a few seconds later...

Saber has lovely bouncy hair.

Saber ready for her next filming!
How do you look after your daughters hair? I used to try just water but find that spray helps a lot. How about cutting your daughters hair? I cut Nanoha's hair once a while back but don't think I done a good job of it ^^;