Haruhi Season 2

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Looks like there is not much longer to wait until the second season of Haruhi airs.
Question - anybody here not seen the series yet?

Original text from Raz below.According to Newtype, the long awaited new season of Haruhi Suzumiya is scheduled to premiere in April.

Earlier this year, a newspaper announcement announcing an announcement about the upcoming series of Haruhi was announced. Only with Newtype's official announcement do fans and followers of Haruhi have a date to look forward to.

Hints of a second season have been floated around in magazines and on the web - including the franchise's official website - since 2007. Kyoto Animation soon after announced that plans for a second season - a continuation of the first season - were scrapped in favor of an "all new" season featuring a different take to Haruhi. The story will continue to follow from the original material of the light novels, presumably a look at Haruhi prior to her entering high school along with other adventures and mishaps of the SOS Brigade.

Sources: ANN

High-Res: Unfortunately for Mikuru....Haruhi is back!