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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2012/07/23 22:07 JST in Doll

Its been absolutely yonks since i've been to a doll event but the moons have finally aligned which means that more of my work now involves working with these little ladies. This means that I'll be attending more doll events to bring you the latest in this most interesting side of Japanese Pop Culture.

These photos taken yesterday at the doll event I Doll held in Hamamatsucho Tokyo. Even though I hadn't been to a doll event for ages, I managed to bump into a load of comrades and folks who watched Culture Japan on TV too.

Will be posting more dolly stuff later but for the meantime you can keep yourself in the loop with the latest by frequenting Doll.fm and by liking the Doll.fm Facebook page.
If you know of any other doll resources then feel free to share them in the comments - including your blog!

Doll cases - I want to make UV Cut see-through ones.

Heads designed in 3D, printed on a 3D printer to make moulds. More about 3D printers here.

DH06 became such a popular girl overnight.

For folks who like their grils to be strong - costs about 16000 yen.

The metal skeleton enables lovely poses like this.

Fetish Room for folks who have room for some fetish.

Forgot to ask where to get that pan!

I Doll was only 3 floors - I think Doll Show is about 5?

There are usually Korean dealers too who sell some rather nice gear.

These shoes cost 28000 yen - I think I've seen some at about 60000 yen once.

Yuki Morikawa kawaii ><

Some stuff that I picked up from the show.

Picked up a gorgeous photo book belonging to comrade Azure-san.

Some new gear for the Summer season.

Yuki gets some new gear too.

Just curious, how many of you are doll owners?

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