POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2005/11/14 15:15 JST in Anime

Here is some good news (a bit old though) for those of you who loved all of the Ghost in the Shell stuff and are in the middle of watching the current series of Blood but want more from Production IG.
IGPX has recently started its run and is on TV Asahi every Wednesday at 2.40 AM. Episode 6 "Dog Vs Cat" just aired last Wednesday.

In a nutshell, IGPX is a story which follows team Satomi in their bid to be the best in the IGPX races. As luck would have it, the race machines come in the form of mechas which tend to beat up other mechas as they race - and they do it while racing over twisting looping tracks over several MPH.
No good anime would be complete without cute characters and for me its Amy who plays mid field in team Satomi. (the one with the cat in the shots below)
The high speed races, competing teams with their own huge racing/fighting mechas, great animation/CG and music make this another worthwhile watch from production IG.
And you bet - the Anime in the iPod for IGPX in the next few days.