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Previously posted a few job positions which have lead to full and part time positions in Japan for readers at companies like Ami Ami, Rinkya, Good Smile Company, J-List and very recently Nico Nico Douga.

This time round J-List is looking to fill another full time position but unlike last time, you already need to be in Japan for this one as the role needs to be filled as soon as possible.

These photos are of the J-List headquarters in Isesaki-shi where you will be working.

Details for the position copied from the job detail page at J-List.

Job description and Requirements

The job is first and foremost for a product description writer for our website, writing interesting and accurate descriptions of new products that we post to the site three times a week. This aspect of the job requires basic to intermediate knowledge of Japanese anime and related themes (more specific knowledge is always welcome), good computer skills (we use Mac OS X and Filemaker Pro for the majority of our work), and good email skills (since the job entails customer service and helping customers with order issues). Good English writing skills and the ability to create descriptions that enhance the buying experience of our company are important. Japanese at or near JLPT level 2 (or equivalent) is needed, to interface with our Japanese staff and be able to effectively write descriptions for the Japanese products we sell (including the ability to read the names of characters from anime written in kanji).

Additionally, the job will entail graphic design work, as needed. Currently, we update our web graphics every 6-8 weeks using Photoshop, and you would be in charge of this. Also, we create print ads for our company in magazines like OtakuUSA and Geek using InDesign, so skills and experience with layout programs and/or design will come in handy. Please be ready to submit concrete examples of Photoshop and other visual design work you have done in the past.

Other skills are recommended, too. The job may include posting auctions to eBay, using automated posting software, continuinally monitoring auctions to see which items sell the most reliably. Experience selling on eBay or similar auction site in the past is good, but is not required. Knowledge of the Japanese blogosphere, including Internet memes like Touhou, is also a plus.

IMPORTANT: since J-List sells adult products, please do not apply for this position if you are offended by adult products in any way. The adult products we sell include shrinkwrapped DVD releases, photobooks, adult manga comics, doujinshi, art books and occasional 3D anime figures. Obviously you'd need to be comfortable writing descriptions for these 18+ products.

Other Details

J-List was founded in 1996 and has been an extremely successful venture, serving over 350,000 customers and bringing unique products to people outside of Japan. We strive to promote understanding of Japan through its poplar culture, and among other things, we publish regular emails about what it's like for a foreigner to live in Japan. The company is based in Isesaki, Gunma Prefecture, a small city of 200,000 located on the edge of the Kanto Plain near Tokyo (about 2 hours away by slow train, 45 minutes by Shinkansen). It's a nice city with many cultural points of interest, one of the lowest costs-of-living ratings in Japan, and fast access to mountains for many fun activities including hot springs. Because there's less public transportation here than in larger cities, a drivers' license is highly recommended.

Please note that we are looking for a native English speaker who is already in Japan and has a legal visa to work here (we will, of course, sponsor your future visa extensions). Sorry, but we are not looking for people located outside of Japan for this full time position at this time. People from outside the immediate Kanto area are welcome to apply, but we would only be able to cover train fare from the Tokyo area if we contact you for an interview.

J-List has two websites, at http://www.jlist.com (which features all our products, including NSFW/18+ ones) and http://www.jbox.com (which only has "PG" products).


Salary is 260,000-280,000 yen per month depending on experience plus twice-annual bonuses based on personal and overall company performance, with annual raises and flexible vacation time. Additionally, a company car will be provided (gasoline and related costs being your responsibility), along with assistance with an apartment (key money).

How to Apply

To apply for the position, please download this application (PDF) and fill it out along with a Western-style resume, and fax it to 0270-21-9013. Files can also be send to peterpaynegmailcom.
Applicants who we ask to come for an interview will need to bring a Japanese rirekisho resume with them. Transportation costs will be paid for (from Tokyo) for applicants who we contact.

If you have any questions, please feel free to address them to us at the above email address. This job is an immediate position, as we're looking for someone to start as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your interest in this rare position at J-List, and best of luck if you decide to apply!

J-List Co. Ltd.
42222-3 Hashie-cho
Isesaki-shi JAPAN 372-0001

Good luck to all applying!