Japan Openings

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2011/07/17 08:58 JST in Japan

Update! Thanks for all applications! Am closing these openings and will let you know when I'm ready to accept more hands on board. To all folks who replied - please give me a wee bit of time to reply to you.

Many folks think that my full time job is one where I sit at a computer waiting for mails to come in to be answered ^^;
After leaving corporate life at Amazon and Microsoft, I started a small company called Mirai. Based in Tokyo, we focus on spreading Japanese culture throughout the world through mediums such as web, TV and events.

Since 2007, we have accumulated clients like Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, Kadokawa, Konami, Ascii Media Works, Dentsu, King Records, Nitroplus, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Tokyo MX and the Japanese government. More details about what we get up to listed on my profile page.

Discovering Japanese culture has completely changed my life as you may have read and I feel an obligation to continue to share this wonderful culture with the world - I currently seek somebody who feels the same about Japanese culture and would like to help me.

Associate Producer / Project Manager (Part time > full time position)

I currently seek a part time member of staff and if all goes well then the position will turn into a full time one. As we are still a small company, I'll ask you to do a bunch of tasks - just like some of the stuff that I do including things like cleaning up, looking for hardware deals, using Photoshop and Illustrator to make graphics for print and web, work with all my clients and reflect their needs on the websites we run for them, use Final Cut Pro for editing our TV show Culture Japan, making sure that the camera, sound and lighting boys n girls are at the right place at the right time, working with the managers of the voice actors and actresses and making sure that they are also at the right place and time, organizing events and setting up booths at conventions, product, TV and anime planning, work with the various artists that illustrate Mirai-chan and more.


This job is for folks who can call themselves an otaku or fujoshi who loves anime, manga and games who is in tune with the latest titles. For this position I'm looking for a native Japanese speaker. Don't care what nationality, age or school qualifications you have - all you need to do is to be able to complete the simple task outlined in the Japanese version of this post. All tasks in the test can be easily completed by folks who can ask Google Sensei for the answers.
However, if you have an excellent command of Japanese and can complete the task then we'll talk more after I get your mail (with the task competed!) and go over visa stuff etc.

If anyone from the disaster affected areas from Tohoku gets the job, I'll cover moving expenses to Tokyo and pay for a months rent.

Warning: With this position, folks wont be able to distinguish the difference between work and play anymore.

Apart from a full time position, I'm looking for the following freelance and remote staff. If you are interested then mail

Video Camera Wo/men

Am looking for freelance video camera wo/men in the Tokyo/Osaka area. You need a good command of Japanese for this job. State which video camera equipment you regularly use and send links to examples of your work (YouTube etc).

Sound Wo/men

Am looking for sound engineers in the Tokyo/Osaka area. You need to have your own sound equipment/boom mics etc for this job. Little Japanese is required for this position.

Non Linear Editors

Am looking for Final Cut Pro 7 / Final Cut Pro X editors in the Tokyo/Osaka region who have a good command of Japanese. However we will be using Final Cut Pro X for the second season of Culture Japan.


Am looking for a seasoned PHP, AJAX, MYSQL, HTML 5, CSS, UNIX guru for a long term contract which will turn into a full time position if all works out well. Please include in your mail links to web applications that you have worked on.

I think that's about it for now - am waiting for your mail!