Japanese Dolls

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2008/08/08 16:28 JST in Figure and Doll events

Back to the Wonfes for the last part - dolls and articulated figures.

I think the Figma and Revoltech boom have spawned a huge demand for more of the same and it was quite noticeable that there were more articulated figures being made.

Some were crap and some were good - took pics of some of the better ones.

Quite a pretty Haruhi.
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These Mama Chapp dolls are just adorable!

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Not sure what variety of doll these chaps are but they remind me of the Action Man eagle eyes that I used to have back when I was a wee lad.

These dolls are made by Arte Tokio and are probably the closest you are going to get to having a miniature Candy Girl.

The material feels the same as a Candy Girl ( this is how I know ^^;) and will set you back 74800 yen. I'd be tempted to get one of they had moe faces.

If you got time, check out member melonpan's brilliant doll gallery.

What do you think about the dolls in this article? Creepy? Cute? Are you a doll collector or are thinking of picking some up?