Japanese Electronics

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2007/11/24 20:09 JST in Japan

Talked about this a while ago but never had a camera at the right time.
When a cousin of mine told me that the TV, music center, refrigerator and washing machine in his apartment was found on the streets, I had trouble believing him.

I was on my first trip to Japan at the time and didn't know much about Japanese culture.
The reason why its possible to find stuff like this on the streets is because many folks like keeping up with the Joneses (or Suzuki's in the case of Japan) and regularly upgrade their electronic goods.

One cant just throw out their old TV. A fee has to be paid to the local ward (about 300 yen for a TV) to come and pick it up for recycle. The owner of the TV would go to the local convenience store and pay the 300 yen for the recycle sticker which they stick on the TV. An appointment is arranged with the local ward to come and pick up the TV at a particular time. My cousin was being naughty and intercepted his found goods before the ward was able to get to the items.

Most of the goods are in good working order - a bit old but functional. I've heard from many other Gaijin in Japan who have also picked up household appliances from the streets. I've even seen a plasma TV waiting to be picked up once @.@

How are household appliances such as TVs and refrigerators disposed of in your region? Are goods left out on the streets?