Japanese Insect Deterrent

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2010/06/22 19:40 JST in Japan

One of my fave ads on TV at the moment - its a product called Varsan which emits a load of smoke after you stick in some water. The smoke spreads through the house seeking and destroying pesky insects - and in some cases it turns into a Varsan Ranger as you can see from the ad.

The ad has some legal text in the bottom left corner that says "Image" meaning that customers should not really expect a Varsan Ranger to jump out the pot and beat seven shades of poo out of cockroaches.

Before you stick water into the Varsan, you need to close all the windows and prepare to vacate the house - once the water is in, the smoke will start shooting out from the top as you can see in the commercial.
We usually do this once a year but haven't done so since I adopted the girls ^^; Will probably stick them in the car and gas the house with some Varsan after I get back from the US.
Do they have products like this in your neck of the woods?